Crowther Hotcake

$280.00 (AUD)

The Hotcake. Noel Gallagher of Oasis swears by it. So do Pavement, The 
Melvins, Sonic Youth, along with the likes of local luminaries Chris 
Knox, Neil Finn, and Dave Mitchell of the 3Ds. So, what is it, exactly? 
It's the Hotcake. What? It's a mighty crunchy, home grown distortion 
effects pedal that guitarists the world over swear by. And they are as 
rare as hens teeth.
The hand-made HOTCAKE is considered by many to
deliver the ultimate distortion sound. Hand-made in NZ by Paul Crowther 
(the original drummer from Split Enz) it only has 3 knobs (Gain, Level 
and Presence) but that’s all it needs.
The Hotcake is designed to leave the undistorted component of the guitar
 sound unchanged, while providing a nice fat distortion sound without 
resorting to a treble cut circuit which will also affect the guitar 
tonality. With the Drive and Presence controls set to minimum, and the 
Level at around 2 o'clock, you should be hard pressed to hear any change
 in the sound at all when you switch the Hotcake in and out. You can get
 a clean volume boost by increasing the Level control. Increasing the 
Drive will give you a thick distortion sound with a little bit of edge 
to it, and the Presence control adds some mid-range punch to the sounds.
 The Hotcake also handles chords well. It is recommended that the 
Hotcake is patched between the guitar and amplifier, rather than into an
 amplifier's effect loop. Generally speaking, if you are happy with your
 guitar and amplifier combination, the Hotcake will work well as a 
primary distortion. It works superbly to send an already overdriven amp 
over the edge into smooth distortion;ideal with non-master volume valve