Mummies - Play Their own Records 12"

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It makes perfect sense that the first LP release from garage punk revivalists/satirists the Mummies (and LP is the proper term as the band has never released anything in CD format) is a collection of previous singles. For the Mummies specialize in, among other things, repackaging pre-packaged material from rock's past and pointing out the absurdity of the Play the Hits collections from singles rock's past. Play Their Own Records is a perfect primer for the mania that was the Mummies, collecting as it does, all of the material from the Mummies' early singles (released on a handful of indie labels). These four San Francisco punks had the sense of humor and the audacity to perform out-of-control versions of ‘60s frat punk classics (along with their own wild, wooly, and socially retarded originals such as "Die," "[Doin' The] Kirk" and a handful of others here) wrapped up in stinking, dirty bandages. But the Mummies were also the next logical progression in the '60s punk lineage, following in the footprints of such Northwest rockers as the Wailers and the Sonics (the band to whom the Mummies owe the greatest debt of influence). But the songs here are also a piss-take on the retro-revivalists who put more fashion than passion into their rock & roll. Lo-fi and proud, the Mummies' takes on such Wailers hits as "Tall Cool One," "Out of Our Tree," and "Mashi" highlight and update the manic originals for a post-punk audience. Not that they were consciously thinking of that. the Mummies flaunted the concept of "budget rock" and flew the middle finger both musically and as a pose. Play Their Own Records is potent, feral punk rock and it doesn't come any more raw, propulsive, or infectious than the sounds the Mummies collected here.