Speedwolf - Ride with Death 12"

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Right from its inception until its booming conclusion, this sucker punches forth with a dirty set of brass knuckles that can be equally enjoyed by thrash and old school hardcore/crossover freaks. The vocal rasp is gritty and gravely enough to pass for Lemmy at its cleanest, shifting over at many times to an even dirtier sound that is actually reminiscent of the Teutonic vocalists, most particularly Tom Angelripper, while the bass actually comes off as raunchy and distorted enough to pass for Cliff Burton, but minus the frequent fills and technical gymnastics. Whether this thing just slays at full speed as on “Out On Bail” or “Death Ripper”, or plays it a bit cooler with a mid-tempo rocking feel on “Up All Night” (principle riff sounds real close to “Two Minutes To Midnight”) or “Hell And Back”, the balance of attitude and alcoholism is kept at the forefront.