Tym records 019 Ltd Ed 7 inch

$12.00 (AUD)

TYM019 : Dumb Numbers/Golden Bats. Record Club split 7".

Dumb Numbers : The Longest Goodbye was originally intended for release on an album called Unhappy Endings which was never completed. My friend Dean Turner was producing the album and he really encouraged me to push into some areas I was exploring away from the guitar, building songs around piano, strings and field recordings. We tracked a version of this song at Head Gap in 2007 with Adam from Magic Dirt on drums, but the final recording here features the drumming talents of the one-and-only Mr. Dale Crover, recorded by Toshi Kasai in downtown Los Angeles, 2012.

Golden Bats : "We are Golden Bats. This next one's called Ugly Night. Lyrically, it's about searching through a mass grave for the remains of a loved one. Musically, it's about four minutes long."