Tym Big Mud V3

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These, like the Big Mud Ramhead are handmade, hand wired clones of an old school sustain/fuzz from around '77 that is now known as the version 3 by it's many fans but in the new stainless steel enclosure. This was the last of the transistor models just before the op amp version came in and had the same 3003 board as the "Ramhead" but with slightly different components giving it more bass and mids. I use medium gain 2N5088 transistors in this model. 

These are full sounding fuzz with a less mid sccop and more output than some others in the series. These have slightly less harmonics but create a wall of fuzz. Check my blog for more details.

My designs are inspired by the classic old units but with modern components and appointments and many options like true bypass or non true bypass switching, LED's, added "active" tone controls, boosts and "Boss" compatible 9 volt adapters. NONE of my pedals use batteries.