Dazatronyx Stereo Panning Optical Tremolo

$290.00 (AUD)

From Dazatronyx:

Tremolos interest me as a good design has its own living pulse, which can sound lively like the instrument itself.

By shining a fading light against a photo-sensitive device, this tremolo uses all analog photo-coupling to restrict and fluctuate the output volume. After a decade of development, I've created this completely unique circuit as my ideal tremolo sound.

This is a stereo variation of my smaller Optical Tremolo. It can take a stereo input, or split a mono guitar input between two amplifiers. The PAN switch changes the oscillator of each channel to be out of sync - so one comes up in volume while the other drops. This creates a strange swirling effect. All original analog circuitry and true bypass mechanical switching.

Always use a high quality regulated and isolated power supply for best operation. Daisy chain power cables may induce clock noise.