We have onsite repairs and set ups on weekdays and weekends by appointment. We're more than happy to take on most simple repair and all set up work with same day service on those days if needed. All other intensive repair and restoration work will be BY APPOINTMENT ONLY AND MUST BE BOOKED IN ADVANCE. Contact us for details.

For examples of what I do check my BLOGI have been building guitars since the mid 90's and I've been repairing and modifying for much longer. 

I do all kinds of work from replacing an output jack to replacing a fretboard. From a re-string to refinishing a whole guitar.


I will take a look at ANY repair you can send me. You can trust me with your "pride and joy" no matter what quality or value your guitar is. I don't believe just because a guitar is cheap or "worthless" to other repairers, it's not worth fixing. I find this quite common attitude among guitar repairers neglectful and conceited as I believe that any and every guitar can have both sentimental value and/or the tone you're after, no matter what the brand or how much it cost. If it's worth it for you, it's worth it for me. I build guitars from scratch, so I can make or repair nearly any part for your guitar. I can rewind or remake/restore your pick ups and offer a custom made hardware service for those hard to find parts.
We're in the heart of the music hub in Brisbane so we can do quick tour repairs as well depending on what's wrong ? Drop in and see. We'll give it our best shot or we may be able to HIRE you something to keep you on the road ?


This price comes off the price of the job if you go ahead with the repair. Most quotes need to be done in person.
Contact us for more information.
Effects $20.00 (digital and SMT case by case)
Amps $40.00 (digital and SMT case by case)
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