Blackstar HT Reverb 2ND HAND

$315.00 (AUD)

MIK. Great condition with very little player wear. Great valve driven reverb. 22V DC.

Spacious and lush reverbs await you with the Blackstar HT-Reverb pedal. Whether you want to sound like Dick Dale, or give the impression you are lost in a massive cave, the HT-Reverb is your pedal. A preamp tube offers the compression and harmonics of classic tube driven reverbs. You can go from clean and light to great overdriven reverb sounds of yesteryear with the unique Dwell control. This stereo pedal offers eight reverb types including arena, hall, plate, spring, gate and reverse. Control all your reverb desires with the Blackstar HT-Reverb pedal.

Eight types of reverb

Tube driven Dwell control

Stereo output