Tym records 025 - Adam Franklin - Bolts of Melody 12 inch splatter vinyl

$30.00 (AUD)

Adam Franklin is a name known to many as the singer/songwriter/guitarist in Swervedriver, who, through their tenure in the 90's bought you timeless and classic tunes like Son of Mustang Ford, Last Train to Satansville, Duel, Rave Down, Never Loose that Feeling, the Birds ........the list goes on and on. 

This album came out at the height of digital releases. Vinyl was archaic and out of date so it was never mastered or pressed onto that beautiful black (or coloured) substance that so richly reproduces sound with all it's nuances and depth, so, here it is for the first time in it's full, analogue glory.
With new liner notes from Adam and a slightly rearranged track listing, the new version of Adam Franklin, Bolts of Melody is available exclusively worldwide for the first time on 12" vinyl on 180 gram splatter only through Tym records.